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Kentucky’s Greatest: Must-try dishes

by The 100 Companies
Kentucky must-try dishes

Kentucky is famous for more than fried chicken. Look for one of these on the menu:

Think beef stew but better, it’s a spicy, slow-cooked soup packed with game meats and sauteed veggies.

Hot Brown
The ultimate indulgence with thick toast, carved turkey and rich cheese sauce with bacon and tomatoes on top.

Beer Cheese
Sharp cheese and hearty beer blended and spread on pretzels, crackers and more.

A Derby party delight with cucumber and cream cheese, often as tea sandwiches or a dip.

Or, seek out Southern staples like mutton barbecue, fried green tomatoes and cheese grits.

Check out our list of Kentucky’s Greatest restaurants to see where you can enjoy these signature dishes.

Rachel Nix

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