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Where does news come from?


It’s easier to explain where babies come from than where we get our news today. Our daily dose comes from an expanding mix of sources, according to a recent survey of 35,000 Americans.

Digital sources including websites, social media and discussion groups are now competing with TV stations as primary news sources. That’s one reason we launched The Kentucky 100.

More than 77 percent cite the internet as an important local news source, and about a third think it’s the most important source. More than half believe social media is an important source, but few think it’s most important.

Chad Carlton

When it comes to Kentucky news, a national survey found most people in Louisville (80%) and Lexington (91%) markets believe local news outlets do “very well or fairly well” in keeping them informed of important daily news. Their confidence in local media is identical.

Credit the hardworking Kentucky journalists, whose numbers are declining. Days before the survey’s release, budget cuts and buy outs took out more veteran journalists from the Lexington Herald-Leader, my former employer.

The survey found few are aware of the sad, steady demise of local newspapers. Part of the reason: only 14 percent said they spend any money on local news.

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