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I miss Dad’s barbershop

by Chris Schroder

My communications studies began long before Western Kentucky University’s classrooms and student newspaper. Before the professors and editors, I learned from farmers, shopkeepers, lawyers and factory workers who packed my father’s country barbershop.

Just 12, I sat in Dad’s one-chair shop on a repurposed church pew to hear gossip, political speeches and bawdy jokes that I didn’t completely understand. But storytelling wasn’t the greatest lesson I learned. It was the importance of listening to people from all walks of life, backgrounds, faiths and philosophies.

In a nation divided, we need places where people are united. I miss Dad’s barbershop.

Chad Carlton

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Jean Robinson April 6, 2019 - 2:14 am

I dearly loved the story by Chad Carlton…places like this are slowly falling away…folks don’t enjoy just the best advice anymore… listening to older folks and having respect can teach us all something special


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