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Kentucky’s Greatest: Signature burgers

Kentucky's Greatest burgers

It doesn’t have to be Burger Week for you to enjoy these signature burgers. Here are Kentucky’s Greatest.

• Bison (Proof on Main) – with sweet Jezebel sauce.

• Idiot (The Village Idiot) – you’re an idiot not to order it.

• B&B (Grind Burger Kitchen) – no substitutions/additions allowed.

• Dovie (Dovie’s) – squeezed or unsqueezed.

• Cheeseburger (Fairground Drive-In) – a classic for decades.

• Double cheeseburger (Gary’s Drive-In) – all the fixins’.

• “Thru the Garden” (Big Dipper) – order it this way.

• Classic (Ferrell’s Snappy Service) – order with chili.

• O’Round (Lynagh’s Irish Pub) – Ireland in Lexington.

• Black and Bleu (Zola Pub and Grill) – 8-ounce patties.

Nicole Ares

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