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Kentucky Quiz: 15 questions about the 15th state

Kentucky Quiz

On Saturday, June 1, the Commonwealth of Kentucky turns 227 years old. To honor the 15th state, take The Kentucky 100 quiz:

1. First governor.
2. Explorer Daniel Boone is credited with discovering this passage.
3. First permanent European settlement.
4. Number of counties in 1792.
5. First newspaper.
6. Kentucky’s Confederate capital.
7. Namesake of Louisville.
8. Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace.
9. Last of Kentucky’s counties.
10. First bourbon sold in sealed bottles.
11. First Kentucky Derby winner.
12. First female governor.
13. Tallest Kentucky peak.
14. Number of bordering states.
15. Which university is older? Kentucky or Louisville?

Chad Carlton

1. Isaac Shelby
2. Cumberland Gap
3. Harrodsburg (Fort Harrod)
4. Three (Jefferson, Lincoln and Fayette)
5. The Kentucky Gazette
6. Bowling Green
7. French King Louis XVI
8. Hodgenville (Knob Creek Farm)
9. McCreary (1912)
10. Old Forester (Brown-Forman, 1870)
11. Aristides (1875)
12. Martha Layne Collins (1983)
13. Black Mountain (4,145 feet)
14. Seven (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia)
15. University of Louisville (1798)

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